Life is full of new beginnings!  However, many of us fail to seize the newness of life because we resist reaching!  God has more for each of us but it requires reaching beyond where we are, in order to seize what lies before us.  Jesus said in Matthew, “no man can put new wine into old wine skins unless he breaks the old skins and waste the wine”.  He goes on the say that if a man continues to drink the old, he will have no taste for the new! Jesus is articulating to us the fact that He represents the new paradigm upon which are lives are to be guided by and in order for Him to fill us with His newness, we must abandon the generational teachings of tradition and ritual.

God has destined each of us for greatness but achieving greatness begins when we embrace the newness of spiritual growth. I have learned that everything my grandmother taught me wasn’t necessarily the Gospel truth and I’m sure you can identify with what I’m saying.  You may be approaching your spiritual growth using some of the same methods that you were raised with, but you are feeling as if nothing is happening.  You may be doing what Big Mama said, doing what Papa did and even doing what Momma showed you how to do, but what Jesus is teaching us here is that He brings a new understanding and perspective!

Generational religion is not what Jesus was ascribing to because He was providing relational revelation!  Why don’t you make the choice and try the new that He brings?  Why not take a drink from the cup of newness that Jesus offers? At this stage, you have more to gain by doing so. You may think that you’ve come to far now to break free from what you have held on to as truth, but let me encourage you by saying; God desires to blow your mind!

It is my prayer that these blogs are encouragement for you, as you pursue the destiny God has awaiting you!  As you pray over what’s been shared, remember this: The Best Is Yet To Come!


Pastor Kenney


Published by

Third Baptist Church Hampton, VA

"Transforming the world, one disciple at a time, by the living of our faith."

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