The Power of Relationships

People were made for community and without our engagement in community, we limit ourselves. When God said in Genesis 2:18; “it’s not good for man to be alone”, He wasn’t primarily speaking about marriage, but He was eluding to community.

The revelation in this text is that community helps us grow into becoming our best selves. Now don’t get me wrong, not every community, or every relationship, brings out the best in us, but when you find yourself in relationship with a person who complements you, then you are in a God-ordained relationship.

As you ponder on the integrity of the relationships you are involved in, ask yourself the following question: Does this relationship enhance me or does it restrict me? The choice in becoming your best self resides in your relationship decisions.

Pastor Kenney


Published by

Third Baptist Church Hampton, VA

"Transforming the world, one disciple at a time, by the living of our faith."

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