Don’t You Dare Quit

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox have competed in Major League Baseball’s American League for over 100 years and have since developed one of the fiercest rivalries in sports. One of the greatest games in this storied rivalry happened in the 2004 AL Championship Series when the Yankees ultimately lost a best-of-7 series after leading 3–0.  The Red Sox comeback was the only time in baseball history that a team has come back from a 0–3 deficit to win a series. 

The Red Sox went on to win the World Series, and the Yankees–Red Sox match-up is regarded by some sports journalists as the greatest rivalry in sports. For those of us who have ever had our backs up against the wall, we both understand and appreciate the fight it took to get back in the game. That’s what faith is all about – the ability and the determination to endure, especially when things look bleak. Elijah had just experienced a mountain-top high moment when all of a sudden, the weight of his reality came crushing down on him. He was a prophet doing a great work for God, and at one point, he was being hunted by Jezebel. Her disdain for him pushed her to the brink of desiring to take his life and to make matters worse, Elijah felt the same way.

Elijah cried out to God; “it is enough; now, O LORD, take my life, for I am no better than my ancestors”. Here he was, after experiencing the best of God in his life, asking for God to take him because the pressure was too much to bear. He had an abundance of faith on Mount Carmel during  previous season of his life, but now that same exhibition of faith was missing. He was strong in his faith previously, but now, his faith began to fade. Isn’t it funny how on one hand, you can be strong in your faith but when the pressure of life begins to weigh on you, our faith seems strangled.

Elijah had now retreated to a desolate place, away from everyone and his desolation was both physical and mental. He was heading to the wilderness to die and God told me to tell somebody that the wilderness is not your place of destiny, but your place of deliverance. The enemy wants you to die in a desolate place but God is going to transform your desolation into deliverance. I prophesy that before you die in that place, God is going to deliver you!

Elijah was facing a self-imposed death-penalty but before He took his life, he called on God! Let me encourage you to follow suit and call on God because what He can provide is far better than what you can prescribe! Elijah was facing weakness and potential suicide, due to a strangulation of his faith and a faith that endures is one that rises above the adversity of the moment. A faith that rises above is a faith that reaches above!

Elijah reached up because his faith, and his strength was fading fast and that’s the secret for survival – reaching up! He reached up and he was rescued and remember, what God does for one, He will surely do for another. Don’t you dare quit now!

Be Encouraged,

Pastor Kenney



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