There’s A Blessing In This

People all across the country are gearing up for the Holiday Season. Plans are being made, lists are being created, items are being purchased and in some instances, friendships are being rekindled. The holiday season brings the anticipation of something better happening in our lives. Better simply because the holidays are a time of excitement. The holiday season brings both hustle and bustle, fatigue and weariness, irritation and frustration and as quiet as it’s kept, the holidays also bring sorrow and sadness.

None of us like to equate sorrow with the holidays, but the truth is, sorrow has no designated block of time on the calendars of our lives. We go through great lengths making preparations and plans for our lives, and nothing is wrong with that, but one of the hidden mysteries, and greatest blessings in life, is found in the word sovereignty. God’s sovereignty is such that our plans will never supersede His purpose. God knows what each of our lives holds, and no matter how much we plan, we will never circumvent His sovereignty. God’s purpose always speaks to Gods intention and sometimes God intends to bless us through things we couldn’t even imagine.

However, as truthful as that statement is, we all know that our greatest area of struggle occurs during those moments when our plans are interrupted. Nothing causes us more difficulty than having our plans interrupted, especially during the Holidays. Nobody likes an interruption, but whenever God is the one doing the interrupting, you can always expect a blessing. You can expect a blessing because God’s interruption always lead to something better.

God’s purpose speaks to God’s intention towards us. His purpose reveals His desire for us and His purpose conveys His love for us. The Apostle Paul raised the question, “what can separate us from he love of God, which is in Christ Jesus?” He raised the question and then he answered his own question – NOTHING! Nothing in all creation can be able to separate you from the love of God. As you deal with the interruptions that have seemingly put your life on hold, remember that beneath the interruption lies the love of God, drawing you to something better.


Pastor Kenney


Published by

Third Baptist Church Hampton, VA

"Transforming the world, one disciple at a time, by the living of our faith."

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