On Tuesday, we had the dubious honor of picking fresh greens in preparation for the Thanksgiving dinner. As much as I love eating fresh greens, I hate the thought of having to break off stalks and picking through the slimy leaves and separating the good from the bad.  The idea of having to go through all that work just to eat greens annoys me to no end. When we prepare a meal, we go through great lengths to make sure that the bad items are not included with the good ones. However, when God prepares dinner, anyone and everyone is included. That’s good news because if the quality of our makeup was a criteria for eating at God’s table, none of us would be eating. God has been so good to us that He has overlooked our bruised spots, ignored our faded spots and disregarded the spots where we have holes. We have been invited to a dinner table that we didn’t even qualify to be sitting at simply because of Gods favor. In 2 Samuel 9, we find record of King David extending favor to a crippled man.

He says “is there still anyone who is left of the house of Saul, that I may show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake.”  David doesn’t just seek out a descendant of Jonathan, but he casts a much wider net by seeking out any descendant of the house of Saul. He wasn’t required to do that but he did!  He was seeking to extend generosity to anyone left in Saul’s house and that may not mean much to you but it does to me. It means something to me because it says that favor reaches people that sometimes don’t deserve to be reached!

Jonathan has a son named Mephibosheth, who lived in Lo debar – a forgotten place.  To make matters worse, not only did he dwell in a forgotten place, but he was crippled. Crippled, due to the negligence of someone else and cast away to a forgotten place!  Crippled, due to that carelessness of another and now he was forced to live in a forgotten place and I believe I just tapped on somebody’s window.  You might be able to relate to his story.  You too may be crippled, maybe not physically, but emotionally, spiritually, or even psychologically.  Somebody hurt you in their haste to get away and now you are left dependent upon others to do what you can’t do for yourself.

Crippled, and to top things off, you have been cast to a place called forgotten! This is the place that David dispatched his kindness. To a remote, off-the-beaten-path place, where a crippled hung out.  He was no ordinary crippled, however, but he was a cripple who belonged to royalty and God wants to remind you that your fall doesn’t diminish the stock of royalty you come from! In the very place you may have landed, God wants you to know that favor, God’s kindness, is being dispatched to you!  Just like Mephibosheth ended up at King David’s table forever, you too can reside at the King’s table. There’s room for you and guess what, you will be in good company with the rest of us who are crippled!


Pastor Kenney



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Third Baptist Church Hampton, VA

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