God Has Not Forgotten You

One of the most embarrassing things in life is to run into someone from your past and they can’t remember your name. Not because they have dementia or even amnesia, but simply because your name doesn’t seem to register with them at that particular moment. If you’ve ever been in that situation, then you know how embarrassing it is and it reminds you of how insignificant you were in their life. For those who struggle with the feeling that nobody seems to remember who you are, God does!

If you feel as though your situation has made you irrelevant, God wants you that He knows not only who you are, but He knows where you are! Just like Noah, you are trapped in a situation beyond your control and you are asking How much longer!  Continue reading God Has Not Forgotten You


The Purity of Innocence

Recently I was watching a group of children playing and adults sharing in conversation and I couldn’t help but to see the teaching moment God presented. I’m always amazed at how children can argue and disagree one minute and then be the best of friends the next. That reality has intrigued me the older I have become. Maybe that is why Jesus said in Mark 10:15 that “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it.”  When you think about that statement, what goes through your mind? One of the most overlooked aspects of a relationship with God is the innocence factor. Children by nature are innocent. They can argue and fuss over simple things but within an instant, they will have made up and nobody would have ever known that things were testy.  Now If children can move past such negative experiences with each other, why can’t we as adults? Continue reading The Purity of Innocence

I’m Confident About My Future

There are times in life when the challenges we encounter blind us to the goodness of God.  We say quite often that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good, but for many people, if you were to ask them to highlight just how good God is, they would have a hard time doing so. What happens oftentimes is that the enemy deceives us into believing that God’s goodness can only be measured when everything is going smoothly. If you have ever found yourself in a precarious situation and it appeared that God was nowhere to be found, then you know what I’m talking about.  You were in the valley but you came to discover a side of God in the valley that you never would have experienced on the mountain and your testimony is God is just as much God in the valley as He is on the mountain. Continue reading I’m Confident About My Future

Love Does Matter

In 1984, the number one hit on the Billboard 100 chart was a song entitled “What’s Love Got to Do With It”.  This song was performed by Tina Turner at the age of 45 years old and it was this very song that launched her successful solo career.  For those of you familiar with the story of Tina Turner, you know that for 16-years, she was married to Ike Turner and together they formed the group called Ike & Tina Turner Revue. It has been documented that the marriage was filled with episodes of both domestic violence and drug use, so much so that in 1968, Tina unsuccessfully attempted suicide. After 16-years of a volatile marriage and both of their careers now hanging in the balance, Tina divorced Ike and it 13-years later when this song elevated her to superstardom.  Continue reading Love Does Matter

The Benefit Of Trust

We all know of someone who suffered as the result of taking advice from an unreliable source. They may have taken the advice of a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor or even a service professional, only to find out that they are now worse off than ever. The thing about taking advice is that everybody seems to have the right answer, but in reality, there is only One who has the right answer! When it comes to taking advice for the matters of life, there is only One reliable source. Continue reading The Benefit Of Trust

The Road Is Brighter Ahead

Chaos and confusion are the calling cards of a life that seems to be out of control.  Chaos and confusion have caused many people to abandon their dreams and forfeit their hopes for a brighter tomorrow, simply because there were not signs of hopes on the horizon.  As tragic as that is, it’s the reality of many people. Hope is the intangible that keeps us afloat and when hope is hijacked, tomorrow seems pointless, but what you need to remember is that God holds time in His hands! Continue reading The Road Is Brighter Ahead

The Art Of Negotiation

It’s been said that great deals require the art of negotiation.  Negotiation is not always about giving in, but it’s about both parties being able to benefit,.  When we think of huge corporate mergers and blockbuster deals, what we see is that each party walked away after having gained something. Oftentimes, the deal is won in the negotiation stage but for some people, they would rather do without that part. Could it be you have not yet received your breakthrough simply because you fail to negotiate?

Unlike negotiating with people, when we negotiate with God, it always leaves us in a much better position.  People have angles that are almost always centered around their desires, however, God’s only angle centers around His desire for you. Continue reading The Art Of Negotiation